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     I'll try to condense the early years to keep this from turning into a book...


     I was raised on a farm in central Texas- had excellent parents and two younger brothers- practiced drawing and painting heavily throughout my school years- worked and went to college in College Station, TX- joined the Air Force in 2004- Lived in, toured, and deployed to 19 countries- spent most of my time in Italy- studied many great works of art there- participated in combat missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan- got married to an incredible woman- was blessed with a wonderful daughter- honorably discharged from the military- now gratefully living in Colorado Springs, CO.

     After moving to Colorado Springs, I attended Pikes Peak Community College with the intention of trying every visual art medium I could get my hands on. After trying five different mediums, I found that I had an equal love for both colored pencil and ceramics. I spent three years training extensively under the tutelage of Lance Timco (ceramics) and Garry Glissmeyer (drawing).  I also obtained a certificate of accounting at PPCC to help me be a well rounded entrepreneur. I have been working on my pottery independently since 2014, with moments of interruption (especially since my son was born), but I now have a permanent home-studio, life has settled down a bit, and I'm able to work at a slow but consistent pace. I'm excited to see what the future holds, I'm very grateful for my life experiences and the people who have helped me along the way, and I hope that I can have a positive and meaningful impact with my art.

     As far as my work goes, everything is hand made at my home-studio. I pay close attention to detail as I strive to make each piece a refined work of art. My style has evolved over time- I do not have a specific name for it nor have I tried to replicate other styles.   I strive to be as authentic as possible. Ultimately, I try to create art that I would want to be surrounded by.  I found that such a focus helps to keep me motivated and makes my art both unique and honest.